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Blin-Ayusawa Orthodontic Clinic > What is beauty?

What is beauty?

- Orthodontic dentistry column -

Just everyone holds admiration for beauty. But what is it? Beauty as a static form and beauty as a dynamic facial expression along with environmental conditions that will help you make the beauty of the individual.

In addition, the beauty would be doubled by smiling with confidence. On the other hand, even a beautiful person does not look so without smiling.

What would be the first impression when meeting people?

The impression will be created from all the information we receive from the face, hair style, and clothing to the way of speaking and behavior.

Among the above, I believe "smiling" is the most impressive and only itself leaves you good impressions in your mind. A person with less expression leaves no impression even with a polite manner of greetings.

Smiling is most important for communication. A beautiful smile with confidence makes you feel good. Being confident about your smile could be a major advantage and the best point for communication.

Everyone is born with beauty. I believe that a beautiful smile with confidence will add charm on the person's beauty in multiples.

It would be a waste if you have concerns such as a lack of confidence because of teeth alignment, dark-colored implant, or no original self smile.


The beauty of you would be more improved with good teeth alignment, nice lips, white and clear teeth, and smile with confidence.

Blin-Ayusawa Orthodontic Clinic > What is beauty?

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