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Blin-Ayusawa Orthodontic Clinic > Treatment costs and period

Treatment costs and period

Orthodontic treatment cost

Initial consulting: Free of charge
1. Complete examination: \20,000 The above is required costs for the materials such as the dental mold, pictures, x-rays film, and to diagnose after analyzing these materials.
Diagnosis expense: \30,000
Basic orthodontic charge: The cost differs depending on each case.

First-term treatment: \300,000
- \400,000
The period from children's teeth to turn to adult's teeth

Second-term treatment: \600,000
- \800,000
This is a general orthodontic treatment for adults.
The charge may differ depending on the level of difficulty. In the case of applying the device on the back of teeth, there is no difference of charge between metallic device and transparent one.

Partial orthodontic treatment (M.T.M):
- \300,000
A partial orthodontic treatment for a tooth up to several teeth.
Charge for the treatment without extracting teeth with no problems for the size of upper/lower jaws: \600,000 and over
\600,000 -
Charge for the treatment with extracting teeth:
\650,000 - \750,000
Charge for the treatment requiring to control the growth of upper/lower jaws for long term:
\800,000 - \850,000
Charge for the treatment from the back of teeth:
Full \1,200,000
Harf \1,000,000
3. Monthly adjustment charge: \5,000 including cleaning charge
The grand total is the total of No. 1, 2 and 3.
Ex.1) The charge for adult treatment for 18 months
\50,000 + \600,000 (non-extracting teeth) + \90,000 (18 months times X \5,000)
Total: \740,000
Ex.2) The charge for adult treatment for 24 months
\50,000 + \700,000 (extracting teeth for orthodonticsj{ \120,000 (24 months times X \5,000)
Total: \870,000
Ex.3) The charge for children treatment for 30 months
\50,000 + \300,000 (First-term treatment) + \150,000 (30 months times X \5,000)
Total: \500,000

Payment method

Installment payment and credit cards are acceptable. For the installment payment, please choose from 2 to 4 times upon request, and fill in the payment plan dates and amount on the payment plan statement.
In principle, the first payment date should be within 3 months after the starting date of the treatment and the rest should be paid within twelve to eighteen months.

Blin-Ayusawa Orthodontic Clinic > Treatment costs and period

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