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Implant orthodontics

Generally, an "implant" means implanting the titanium artificial tooth root in to the tooth missing spot, covering the artificial tooth on top, and make it function as your own.

What is the implant orthodontics?

The orthodontic treatment and the implant for use have different purposes from the above-mentioned implant material for teeth. For the orthodontic treatment, it is implanted temporarily to use as a fixed base to move the teeth to another objective spot, however, the implant will be removed after the transfer.

History for the implant orthodontics

The implant for orthodontics officially started at late 1900s, and the history is still short. The small implant for the surgery was used as an alternative to the orthodontics at that time, but after that many new products were developed, and it soon became able to implant to the proper spot.

Classification of the orthodontic implant

  1. SMAP
    It is used when large force is necessary to move the entire teeth alignment. Part of a hole is screwed in to the surface of a bone.
    This requires special surgery for implant placement, so you will be introduced to the professional. It may cause inflammation because it is from the membrane to the oral cavity.
  2. K-Isystem
  3. MIA
  4. ISA
    It is easy for implanting and there is no need for special surgery.
    It will not be used when the large force is necessary to move the entire teeth alignment.
    10% of implant may drop.

Material for implant

The material for implant is titanium. This is used for immobilization with a splint for broken bones, and has high affinity for human body.

About the orthodontic implanting

(MIA and ISA performed by our clinic) It takes about 15 to 20 minutes per tooth.

  1. Surface anesthesia
  2. Local anesthesia
  3. Implant placement
  4. Sterilization and medication

Swelling after surgery

It should not be worried for most cases.

Pain after surgery

It may differ depending on the individual, but mostly a little pain or almost no pain.
Even with pain, it will be subside within a few days.

Caution after implant placement

Between 1 to 2 weeks immediately after the implant placement, the patients need to be placed at rest, without cleaning the placed implant or applying stimulus. During that time, blot around the implant can be cleaned by mouthwash provided by our clinic, just like rinsing your mouth after eating.

Implant placement period

6 to 8 months until the objective teeth finish moving.

Removal of implant

The implant can be removed easily caracoling it. There will be slight experience of pain not requiring anesthesia, but the implant will be removed using small doses of anesthesia as required. Gum and jawbones will be returned to normal about a week. There is no worry about a scar.

Daily life

You will be used to feel a foreign body in a short time mostly without any problem. However, you need to be careful with hygiene control. (Infection may cause swelling of gum.)

About age

You need to be 16 or over, after bones growth and stabled.

About cost

It may differ depending on the region, the number of implant, classification, etc., you need 31,500 yen per tooth including tax. The entire expenses are included such as implanting placement, medicine, removal, etc. However, using an implant shortens the orthodontic treatment period at many times, so it decreases the cost, so it can be offset.

Points to remember for implant orthodontics

Inflammation around the implant
It may cause inflammation if you forget the hygiene control of the implanted spot mentioned in the above.

Failure of implant placement

It may differ which implant you choose, provided as you are not using the teeth all of your life, implant body may drop. In this case, you may need to implant it again with no extra cost.

Advantages / disadvantages for the implant orthodontics


  • The treatment period may be shortened.
  • The removable device can be used depending on the symptom for the orthodontic treatment, but the cooperation by the patients will minimize.
  • The range of non-extracting teeth will be wider.
  • It may be possible without surgery even for the surgery applied to the surgical operation.


  • It requires an implant. Implanting spots and classification may differ depending on symptoms or purposes, however, implanted spot will be implanted into the spot without the important tissues such as thick blood vessel or nerves, etc., that makes the level of danger very low.

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