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Blin-Ayusawa Orthodontic Clinic > What is an orthodontic clinic?

What is an orthodontic clinic?

Things you can earn from the orthodontic treatment.

The great benefit from the orthodontic treatment is as follows.

1.Improvement of esthetics and functions (Bite well with good alignment)

Everyone admires beauty. Then, what is beauty?
It is considered that beauty as static form and beauty as dynamic expression with various environmental conditions added, make the beauty of the individual. Orthodontic treatment improves, not only the teeth alignment but the side face and mouth to support your beauty to stand out.

Improving the teeth alignment

Improving the mouth

Improving the side face

About esthetic appearance of the mouth >>

2.Healthy mouth results in the healthy body.

  • Which is easier to bite, uneven or good alignment of teeth?
    The upper and lower teeth for good alignment bite at the largest area. Therefore, food is finely crushed and mixed with saliva to help digestion, which is good for the health of stomach and intestines and result in the healthy body. In addition, biting well makes satiety center stimulate, and leads to a diet.
  • Which is easier to clean the mouth, uneven or good alignment of teeth?
    Plaque on the surface of teeth tends to stay if the teeth alignment is uneven, and takes time for brushing. Stain on the teeth with good alignment is easily taken off, and is difficult to develop a cavity and gum disease.

3.Improvement in concentration

It is said that the IQ is improved with good alignment and dental bite, because biting well activates the brain, improves physical capabilities and concentration. The Olympian, Carl Lewis, won many gold medals after receiving orthodontic treatment, which is a famous story.

4.Bad breath prevention

It is hard to brush on uneven spots for the bad alignment of teeth, and causes cavity and gum disease easily. As a result, it will be a reason for bad breath, and you don't notice by yourself about strong bad breath and it gives trouble to people around you.

Good alignment of teeth makes easy for removing stains by brushing, and prevents cavity and gum disease. In addition, the consciousness about your mouth becomes high, and the brushing time will be longer.

5.You smile better.

Smile is very important for communication. The best smile is good alignment of clean, white teeth between lips being seen. If you become confident with your smile, you will be aggressive and outgoing without noticing. The orthodontic treatment helps you to be positive.

6.Easy to pronounce

Teeth alignment, lips, tongue, palate and so on, have each important role to pronounce. Correct pronunciation requires correct teeth alignment, dental bite, correct function of muscles around the mouth including your tongue. The orthodontic treatment makes speaking your lines smoothly, and you can sound clearly which you couldn't when you have bad alignment of teeth.

Blin-Ayusawa Orthodontic Clinic > What is an orthodontic clinic?

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