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What is Whitening?

This is the method to obtain white and transparent teeth without drilling teeth, using safe medical solution for the human body. There is also a method of covering after drilling, besides whitening.

Before the treatment (A3)
After the treatment (A1)

Advantages/disadvantages of whitening


  1. Being whitened without drilling
  2. Anesthesia is not used.
  3. Being whitened with 2 to 3 times of visit
  4. It can be done even at home.
  5. More economical than covering after drilling
  6. Less psychological burden without pain


  1. Effects continue for about 6 to 24 months.
  2. Maintenance is necessary once in 6 to 12 months.
  3. It may cause a transient hyperesthesia.

Types of whitening

Office whitening
The method is putting the medical solution (35% hydrogen peroxide) on the dental surface, and then illuminating an exclusive light on top. Teeth will be whitened usually at the second or third treatment.
Home whitening
After making a special mouthpiece for the patient, injecting medical solution at home, and mounting 2 to 3 times a day. Continuing the above methods for 1 to 2 weeks.
Dual whitening
White and shining teeth can be obtained efficiently by combining the office whitening and home whitening.

Costs for whitening

Home whitening40,000 yen
Office whitening20,000 yen / one appointment
(Usually 2 appointments are required.)
Dual whitening60,000 yen
(Touch-up whitening)
10,000 yen - 15,000 yen
Cleaning once in 6 to 12 months and additional bleach.

Treatment flow for whitening

  1. Counseling
  2. Cleaning and a picture of mouth taken according to the color sample
  3. Office whitening
  4. Home whitening
  5. Fluoride gel
  6. Effect judgment for whitening by seeing the first picture

Treatment cases of whitening

Treatment case #1

Treatment case #2

Blin-Ayusawa Orthodontic Clinic > Whitening

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