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Treatment Policy

We offer beautiful alignment of teeth and healthy, wonderful smile to all patients.

  1. Our No.1 priority is good communication with patients.

    Conversation with the patients at all times is quite important to develop the relationship of mutual trust in order for the smooth orthodontic treatment. As a matter of course, we explain about the treatment and its progress, and answer to questions each time.

  2. We try our best treatment with non-tooth extraction.

    Although 100% non-tooth extraction treatment is impossible, we still try the best of our ability without removing teeth.
    Please see About tooth extraction and non-tooth extraction treatment for details.

  3. We try to shorten the treatment period.

    We try to Shorten the treatment period by using the device applying the latest self-ligation such askDamon system, smart clip, mini clippy and clear snapl and by adopting orthodontics with implant, corticotomy and so on.

  4. The treatment costs are set to meet the global standard.

    The costs of orthodontics in Japan have a tendency to become much higher than those in Europe and the U.S. It is considered that this is because of the number of patients who receive treatment.
    We have treated patients from more than 20 countries. Therefore, our treatment cost is set with the global standard to meet the patients from Europe and the U.S.

    ( English,French,Spanish spoken )

  5. Complete sterilized system

    We prepare complete sterilized endodontic equipment for each patient in order to avoid in-hospital infection. And we use disposable equipments for one-time use as much as possible.

  6. Private practice

    By advance reservation only. Our system is to provide privacy-conscious medical care not to overlap with other patient's treatment time. We provide adequate treatment time of one hour for each patient and the director takes responsibility from the beginning to the end of the treatment.

  7. More esthetic

    In the past people used to emphasize only the function of teeth, saying that "Teeth should be just to bite." The treatment at our clinic is for a beautiful teeth alignment, beautiful mouth, beautiful profile and a wonderful smile. In addition, we introduce to affiliated orthodontic specialists if necessary after the completion of the orthodontic treatment.

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Blin-Ayusawa Orthodontic Clinic > Treatment Policy

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